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For 24 years we have supported clients presenting to Federal Agencies and DoD.

We guide the entire Orals process from RFP release to Orals Day. Our specialty for the past three years during the pandemic, has been the preparation and delivery of Virtual Orals, including many FEDSIM orals.

We have supported firms large and small to win federal contracts totaling more than $32B to date.  

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Orals Coaching that Delivers

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Live and Virtual Presentation Skills

In Government Oral Presentations, verbal and non-verbal cues can significantly impact the evaluators’ perceptions of the Offeror and your proposed team. Our Orals Coaching has each presenter skillfully deliver his or her portion of the presentation, and to perform as a team.

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Slide Development and Scripting

We have developed a highly-effective method to guide presenters as they prepare their sections of the oral presentation.

It is based on logic, clarity, persuasiveness, and compliance with the RFP requirements.

Your Orals slide deck clearly explains key win themes and discriminators to the evaluators.

Why Select

Bill Kane Orals Coach

William A. Kane

Professional Orals Coaching for over 20 years. Dedicated to supporting client firms in winning major contracts from DoD and Federal agencies.

Highly Specialized

Orals Coaching is all we do. We have coached more than 200 presentation teams so far. We have developed an effective and efficient Orals Coaching Methodology that results in a persuasive and compliant Oral Presentation that wins! We have supported numerous Software Demonstrations as well.

Government evaluators are sophisticated and disciplined.  We know what they're looking for.

Trusted Nationwide

Firms including Accenture, Microsoft Federal, and SAIC have trusted us for Orals Coaching to help prepare their teams for these critical events.

Our clients have won awards from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, NSA, FEDSIM, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, GSA, Department of Labor, and more.

Since the pandemic began, we have specialized in Virtual presentations delivered online. We have been very effective for our clients for these critical presentations.

Clients and Case Studies

See a partial list of clients and Oral Proposal case studies.

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About Us specializes in supporting firms win government contracts through effective Orals Coaching.

With 22 years in Orals Coaching, our clients trust us with these critical events.

Our Orals Methodology is effective and efficient, persuasive and compliant.


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