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Oral Proposal Presentations have become a frequent part of the proposal process. Orals are used by the government evaluation team to sort out competitors from a larger pool of RFP responders. The evaluators want to meet the actual Program Managers and staff, see them in action, evaluate their knowledge and understanding, and determine if they would be comfortable working with them for the duration of the contract. At Orals, they get a visceral experience of the presentation team -- one that figures largely in their final scoring and ultimate selection.

At OralsCoach.com we specialize in working with technical and management personnel who have had little presentation experience. Seasoned presenters will benefit as well, with new abilities to craft persuasive orals content efficiently, and polish their delivery skills with our personal coaching.

Our Orals Support includes assisting in the design and development of the presentation content, AND preparing individuals and groups to deliver effectively and persuasively.

Orals Challenges & Opportunities

Orals are challenging for a number of reasons:

  • Multiple presenters with multiple styles
  • Slides prepared by multiple presenters, often with little guidance
  • Content is highly technical, yet must be clear and persuasive
  • Strict time limits for presentations
  • Question and answer sessions to prepare for
  • Mostly created in parallel with written proposal
  • Long hours, high stress, possible stage fright
  • Large contracts at stake; orals can make it or break it

Effective orals coaching and coordination can alleviate challenges in all of these areas.  In many cases, companies used to submitting written proposals may not be prepared to make personal presentations and may appear uneasy when questioned by government officials about their bids. A highly qualified team of experts, with outstanding resumes, who are nervous and uncomfortable in the presenter role, maybe viewed as lacking the ability to do the job. In fact, they may very well be the best selection for the contract.

The job of orals coaches is to enable presenters to effectively convey their expertise, experience and ability to accomplish the contract's requirements. Corporate team members come to orals coaching with differing levels of skill. Therefore, each person typically requires something different from coaches so that they can tap into their own natural presentation style.

10 Tips for Choosing An Oral Proposal Coach

Wondering what to look for?  If you're planning to hire an Oral Proposal Coach, you'll want to keep these ten things in mind.

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